Vehicles for Sale

Did you know we have a Vehicle Sales Department? 

We sell a wide variety of vehicles from compact to fullsize cars, SUV’s, minivans, pick up trucks, cargo vans, cube trucks to refrigerated trucks direct to the public. We also have few trade-in from our customers available to purchase.

Why buy from a vehicle from Bristol?

  • Buying a vehicle from Bristol can save you money.
  • Transparent no haggle pricing.
  • Recent model vehicles to purchase.
  • Bristol follows strict maintenance schedules and cleaning regiments.
  • Constant updating of fleet with many makes, models and colours to choose from.

Check our our Vehicle Sales page for our current list of vehicles for sale – Vehicle Sales

New Contactless Rental Agreements!

Bristol Car and Truck Rentals in happy (and very excited) to announce that we have a new service – Contactless Agreements. Bristol is able to securely send a digital form of the rental agreement directly to qualifying customers’ phones. This saves our clients time, it’s incredibly convenient, and keeps the rental transaction contact free.

Ask one of our branches for details about a contact-less rental agreement for your next rental.

Image courtesy of TSD

Bristol’s Enhanced Vehicle Sanitation

At Bristol we are taking all necessary precautions and essential steps to ensure our vehicles are thoroughly sanitized after each use.
Industrial grade disinfectants are being utilized along with sanitation foggers and ozone machines by our cleaning crew for the safety and well-being of all our customers.
The health of our clients and staff is our number one priority. Our customers should drive with peace of mind while renting with Bristol.

Thank You to our Staff

A huge thank you to our amazing staff who are working hard to support the supply chain across the GTA, and keeping our vehicles clean and sanitized after each use.
We appreciate you and all that you’ve done to keep our vehicles, facilities, and customers safe.

Shop Canadian, Shop Local

Bristol is proud to be 100% Canadian car and truck rental company. Our slogan has always been…Canadian Owned…Canadian Driven! We recognized how significant it was then and now more than ever it’s imperative that we all support Canadian owned businesses.
Why does this matter?
  • Local businesses are the largest supporter of local charities, local events, sporting teams and sponsorships.
  • Keeping local businesses vibrant creates better services locally all around in a community.
  • Retains more employment locally.
  • The taxes paid by local businesses are significantly more than those paid by corporations. In turn, this is what supports the operation of our hospitals, public works, emergency workers, and education.
  • Profits stay local and are then invested locally, not internationally!
All around supporting local business is a win-win for everyone. Besides, it makes you feel good and we all need that right now.
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Temporary Business Hours

Due to COVID-19 restrictions our business hours have been modified.

All locations’ operating hours are:

Important Message to our Customers – We Remain Open

During the COVID-19 crisis many of you still need to move your homes, essential service personnel need vehicles to get to work, and we continue to provide trucks and vans to those businesses delivering essential goods. Rest assured, all of our vehicles have been thoroughly sanitized after each rental use. Additionally, all of our locations have implemented changes to our rental procedures to adhere to all social distancing recommendations.

We are continuing to work hard to support our local businesses, essential workers, and those who are in need of an alternative transportation solution. Contact any of our locations to make individual arrangements for your rental needs.

An Important Announcement to our Customers Regarding COVID-19

The safety of our customers and the well-being of our staff continues to be our top priority. We are taking extra precautionary measures to help you stay protected when renting from Bristol.

Disinfecting of our rental branches’ door handles, rental counters, reception areas, washrooms, credit/debit machines, and all customer/staff touch points is taking place continuously throughout the day.

We are committed to providing clean and sanitized vehicles to all our customers. We utilize commercial grade disinfectant to thoroughly clean each rental vehicle from top to bottom of our interior surfaces. This includes, however is not limited to, the complete steering wheel and controls, door handles and automatic buttons, climate controls and radio, cup holders, seat adjustments, arm rests, glove box, seat belt buckles, and more.

To make renting easier, we can deliver to you within the city limits we do business, call one of our locations directly to make these arrangements.

If you need us, we’re here for you.  This is an uncertain time for us all and we will continue to support our customers and communities.

Take a Drive to see the Fall Colours

In case you needed another reason to rent a vehicle and get in touch with nature, then fall comes along to give us all its glory. Ontario has some amazing drives and vistas to enjoy this time of year, and provides some amazing Instagram-able photos!

Did you know that our Ontario Parks has a Fall Colours report?  It helps you to plan the optimal time to drive out and experience the Fall at its finest.

Click on the link below to check out what the Fall Colours look like around Ontario.

Book a your rental with Bristol Car and Truck Rentals here at our Reservation Centre.  We’ll get you going before the leaves are gone!

Peace of Mind Rental Coverage

Bristol’s Platinum Plus Coverage+ offers driving a rental vehicle with peace of mind.

Renting a vehicle can be stressful.  Like many that rent a vehicle, you were not planning on it at all that day.  You were either involved in an accident, now your car is in the shop, or you brought your car in for some mechanical repairs and now it will be in for a few days.  Either way, you are now driving a vehicle that’s not your own, and you’re in unfamiliar territory with rental coverage.

In many cases your own collision coverage may transfer over to the rental vehicle while your vehicle is in the shop.  However, there are many minor incidents or damages that may can happen while you drive the rental that your insurance company will not cover.  Therefore, Bristol Car and Truck Rentals has coverage for that gap between what your insurance company will cover and where you’re left responsible upon returning the rental. This is where Bristol’s Platinum Plus+ coverages comes in!

For just $5.99 per day Platinum Plus+ covers the leading causes of damage to rental vehicles;

  • Windshield chips, damage, and replacement up to $500.00
  • Minor dents and scratches up to $500.00
  • Tire damage up to $500.00
  • Broken headlights/rear lights up to $500.00
  • Broken or damaged side mirrors up to $500.00
  • And, for extra protection, if you are involved in an accident with the rental Platinum Plus+ will cover your own deductible up to $500.00!

Platinum Plus+ is the most popular coverage taken by our customers.  It offers our customers the greatest value in rental coverage and comes with, priceless “Peace of Mind”.